Buho filter tips

REF. BH005

BUHO filter tips are made of unbleached natural carton made of wooden fibres coming from sustainable and eco-friendly sources. No additives or colorants are used.

Our tips are ungummed so the taste is not altered and they are perforated to enable an easier and quicker rolling experience. In addition, its size is ideal as it fits in the gap that leaves an industrial cigarrete filter.

They will become your favourite carton tips!

Type of filter: unbleached natural carton tips.


  • Made in Spain.
  • 100% natural.
  • Chlorine-free.
  • Perforated.
  • Ungummed.

Additional information

Tips size: 2 cm x 6 cm
Material type: Unbleached natural carton
Tips per booklet: 50 tips
Booklets per display: 50 booklets
Displays per carton: 30 displays

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