About us


Our story starts in 2008, when we started distributing articles for smokers. Since them, we have helped many small brands grow and achieve big sales volumes gaining recognition in this sector.

Our passion, market experience and knowledge about what users demand have made us take part in this new adventure creating our own brand of accessories for smokers: BUHO.

Our rolling paper is made in Spain, where rolling paper was invented, which guarantees this is a high quality product. In addition, it is FSC certified which means all the materials used for its manufacture come from reliable environmentally friendly resources.

Did you know the Amazon rainforest could disappear in 30 years if we continue at the current rate?

One of the main reasons for this deforestation is illegal logging. It is estimated that 10% of the Amazon rainforest has been swept away by human activity. Do you believe we can still prevent it disappears? We believe we do!

In BUHO we want to take part in that change. For that reason, we joined OXIZONIA project to collaborate with the preservation and reforestation of the Amazon, as well as with the education and environmental awareness of the younger generations.

By choosing BUHO you help creating a more sustainable world.


sustainable world

Buho Classic

Our BUHO CLASSIC rolling paper is an oxygen-bleached paper so it does not contain any chlorine, making it less harmful than other brands.

It is an ultrathin, slow-burning paper with 100% ecological Arabic gum. The sticky part is wide enough to offer an easy rolling experience.

Traditional rolling paper with a superior quality.

Buho Natural

Our BUHO NATURAL rolling paper is a 100% organic unbleached rolling paper. It is made of wood fibres just as the paste comes out so it is a more natural paper.

This paper is extremely thin, natural and with ecological Arabic gum. It is slow burning and the sticky part is wide enough to offer an easy rolling experience.

The most natural paper of our brand.