On November 25 2021, the internal official presentation of BUHO ROLLING PAPERS took place at the B&B HOTEL in Elche, a city located in the southeast of Spain. The convention began at 16:00 with an analysis of the company’s annual results and, shortly after, BUHO presentation began. The launch of this new brand was a surprise for most of the assistants, as practically none of the employees knew of its existence until that very moment.

Involving all the employees by introducing for first time the products of the brand, both the already available ones as the future additions, helped to increase the motivation and good acceptance the brand had by the entire team.

In addition, the two first products to be launched in the market were physically presented: BUHO CLASSIC KING SIZE SLIM and BUHO NATURAL KING SIZE SLIM. In this part of the event, they exposed all the characteristics of the paper in order to train, familiarize and make all employees aware of the strong points of the brand.

Among the main characteristics of our rolling paper, the following were highlighted: made in Spain, premium quality, ultrathin, 100% natural, chlorine-free, slow burning and 100% natural Arabic gum. Furthermore, our rolling paper is FSC-certified, as it is a product that comes from reliable environmentally friendly resources.

They were also informed about OXIZONIA, a project supported by BUHO to collaborate with the preservation and reforestation of the Amazon rainforest, as well as to foster the education and environmental awareness of the youngest generations.

In the end, a motivational talk took place as well as leisure activities to promote unity and relationships among the company’s employees. These activities contributed to creating a good atmosphere and the awareness that BUHO can go right to the top.

The event was a big success because practically all the employees of ALGARIX assisted the company convention: export department, warehouse workers, administrative and sales agents from all over Spain (Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Granada, Malaga, Alicante, etc). All the assistants received some presents such as BUHO ROLLING PAPER samples, a sales techniques book and samples of several products of the company.

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