Buho papers, the best rolling paper in the market

Búho Papers, el mejor papel de fumar del mercado

Why is it so important to buy the best rolling paper available in the market? Smoking is a pleasure for many people, but in an effort to save money, they may not pay much attention to the quality of the rolling paper. This can have consequences for their health because the materials used to manufacture it may not meet the necessary standards to guarantee well-being.

There are rolling papers that contain harmful substances to health, such as lead or certain pesticides. In addition, a bad cigarette paper has a higher risk of containing more substances that are harmful to health. For these reasons, it is important to know which the best rolling paper in the market is. In BUHO PAPERS, we have it and these are some of its most remarkable elements:

Free of lead and harmful elements

In BUHO PAPERS, we have the best rolling paper in two different formats. The first one is the traditional rolling paper that does not contain chlorine or any other harmful elements. We want our clients to enjoy smoking without exposing themselves to substances that can seriously affect their well-being. A good rolling paper matters and this one will allow you to savour your cigarettes better.

How do we get the best rolling paper free from harmful substances to health? Through a 100% natural bleaching process using only oxygen, so there is no need to add chlorine or any other kind of substances. Moreover, we use 100% ecological Arabic gum, which has showed up to be the most natural adhesive on rolling papers avoiding the harmful effects of other ones. It is also the most sustainable as our brand is highly committed to helping the planet.

Other characteristics of the best rolling paper in the market is the fact that it is ultrathin so our clients can enjoy the most the flavour of what they put inside. This paper does not break, it is resistant and its ideal thickness allows an easy rolling to have your cigarette ready with no trouble in a few seconds. Moreover, our paper is FSC-certified to it guarantees forests preservation.

Las dos gamas de papel de fumar Búho Papers

Wood paper, the most natural one

The second option to choose the best rolling paper of BUHO PAPERS is our natural paper. While the last one is made in the most traditional way, guaranteeing our clients and our planet’s well-being, in this case we introduce you the most natural rolling paper. Contrary to the above, this one is unbleached and composed of 100% natural fibres.

The manufacturing process of the best BUHO rolling paper is with more untreated wood fibres paper. We use the paste as it comes out without adding oxygen or any other additive. This rolling paper is also FSC-certified, extremely thin and 100% natural. The best rolling paper our clients can find in the market and we offer it with the best possible quality. Smoking will be a bigger pleasure.

Reading that our rolling paper is made of wood may surprise some of our clients, but the truth is that this is one of the best materials to avoid using synthetic papers, treated with harmful substances and that do not support well-being and environmentalism.

The best rolling paper, without colorants nor harmful substances

A rolling paper without colorants, synthetic adhesives nor chlorine that can irreparably damage your health is essential. Now, you can enjoy a rolled cigarette during a break at work or relax after a hard day without risking your own well-being with a high quality rolling paper.

In BUHO PAPERS we only have the best traditional and natural rolling paper because we put a lot of effort in offering the best rolling paper in the market. For this reason, our range is that small and select, although the advantages it offer are numerous. Whithout additives, harmful substances and an excellent quality so smoking keeps being a pleasure. Now it is possible to enjoy your rolled cigarettes as never before.

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