Buho collaborates with oxizonia project

Eligiendo Búho colaboras con OXIZONIA

Do you know Amazon rainforest? Do you know it is one of the most important ecosystems on Earth? BUHO collaborates with OXIZONIA project in order to mitigate the deterioration of the Amazon rainforest and help reforesting it. We are very aware that our activity needs of logging and for that reason we are committed to minimizing the harmful effects that this entails.

The Amazon, one of the lungs of our planet

The Amazon is the largest forest in the world and one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. It is located in South America and spreads over 7,000,000km2 in 9 different countries. It is known as “the lung of the Earth” because 20% of the total oxygen on the planet comes from this rainforest. However, did you know it could be gone in 30 years? It is hard to believe, but this is an unpleasant truth and the consequences can be devastating. If the Amazon disappears, the world will lose its air conditioner and it will have catastrophic effects for climate change.

One of the biggest problems that endangers this forest is ilegal logging. It is estimated that 10% of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by human activity. Do you think we still have time to change it and avoid that it disappears? We believe we do!

Búho colabora con el proyecto OXIZONIA

The importance of OXIZONIA project

OXIZONIA is a non-profit organization that is doing an incredible work restoring vegetation and fighting against the desertification of the Amazon rainforest. Its main goal is to foster the conservation of its endangered fauna and flora through research, environmental education and reforestation initiatives.

The organization has a conession for a forest área in the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in the Reserve of “Chontachaka” in Manu National Park. This way, it manages its reforestation in a private way enabling conservation, forest recovery and climate change mitigation.

Choosing BUHO you create a more sustainable world

BUHO wants to be a part of that change. For this reason, we joined OXIZONIA project to help with the conservation and reforestations of the Amazon, as well as with the education and environmental awareness of the youngest generations.

We firmly believe that the work that OXIZONIA is doing and we are aware of its enormous global importance. For us, collaborating with this organization is a great opportunity to compensate the carbon footprint left by our activity and contribute to slowing down climate change.

Do you also want to help saving the Amazon? Choose BUHO!

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